Give the possibility for users to enter an icon for none working Bitwarden favicons

Feature name

EXPLICITLY express when BW is not able to retrieve the favicon of the domain inside the entry and propose the user to enter a favicon manually instead (at least in the web interface).

Feature function

Give the possibility for users to enter a favicon for all the

Related topics + references

Lots of users are complaining that BW favicons are not working and according to BW there is no solution :

This feature will at least solve this problem which has no workaround for years.

There may not be a solution, but there are some workarounds:

But it is a very tedious workaround and it only works a few weeks :

  • There is no bottom/up order button on the URI list to move it to the top. You have to copy manually remove and then recreate an entry.
  • Most websites do not have an alternative domain name. And finding one that match is tedious to say the least. Furthermore as they are obscure subdomain mainly that works, it is only working for a few days, weeks. So even when you find a solution it is not lasting more than a few weeks.
  • I can still not provide THE icon of the website, as very often alternatives are a bit different icons.

Unfortunately this is correct.

I thought so too, till I used the subdomain finder on for the 1st time.

My experience is different.

Have you tried nmmapper ?

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I have used this workaround a lot for the last 6 months, using the .
Is it easier to do on ? How do you proceed for for example, you test BW favicon one by one ?

I can share my experience that reproduce itself more than tens of time: after looking each subdomain with the workaround above the only working one is looking like (Note: this one is not working, it is for example) which works after a tedious search. But 2 weeks after it is no longer working. Why ? because these are usually dev and integration subdomains. What I also had very often is subdomain for partnership or marketing purpose that finally had a working favicons, but they also have a limited timespan as well unfortunately.