Icons für live.com, epicgames.com and ebook.de are missing

I have noticed that for some of my password-entries the corresponding website-icons are missing, though the sites show them (in my browser) when I open them.
Some of these are ( URLs are started with https:// and without the blank spaces):

  1. ebook.de:
    URL-field in bitwarden is www. ebook .de/de/account/
  2. Microsoft-account:
    URL fields in bitwarden are login. live .com and account. microsoft .com
  3. Epic Gamestore:
    URL fields in bitwarden are store. epicgames .com/de/ and www. epicgames .com/

I don’t have the problem for many other entries created before and after these.
Furthermore a deletion an new creation of this entry did not solve the problem.

Am I making something wrong, is it a known problem or …?
Thanks for help!

Take a look at this:

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Thanks for your reply! I have tried your solution and it works for live [dot] com.

But not for the other two domains. I have checked in two browsers and the html-code that they have and display fav-icons. Though they are not shown in Bitwarden.

https:// www.epicgames [dot] com and https:// store.epicgames [dot] com don’t work for me. And I am not aware of other domains for them.

https:// www.ebook [dot] de doesn’t work either, they don’t seem to have any sub- or other domains an adding the main landing page to the URL ( /de/ ) doesn’t change it.

Especially for Epic Games I think this is weird, and perhaps someone can jump in an provide the correct icon-url for bitwarden for this popular service?!


Here are the solutions for Epic Games: https://ecosec.on.epicgames.com/
for Microsoft: https://login.microsoftonline.com/
and for ebook . de: https://blog.ebook.de/

A little “how to”:

  • Use the “subdomain finder” on a page like dnsdumpster.com and / or nmmapper.com.
  • Try out the subdomains that are being found as the 1st URI.

Please note that this is not 100% accurate and the chosen subdomain might “loose” the icon or get a completely different one. However, at least right now the addresses mentioned above if used as the 1st URI provide the correct icons.


Hi Peter!
Thanks a lot for your help! Your solutions works as described.
In the future I will try your “how to”, I didn’t know of these service before and I never expected Webpages to “hide” their fav-icons on such strange sub-domains…

Hi, if I understand it properly with live.com Bitwarden missing icon issue you recommend using as 1st URI https://login.microsoftonline.com/ is that correct ?
I am asking because it does not work for me:

As you can see I still have no icon.

It does work for me:

Using the address I have as URI 2 also works but will show this icon instead:

Do you see icons for other items ? If not check if “Show website icons” is activated in the settings.

I have retried just now and it works now !
And thank you for the outlook.live.com tips, it is great to have live.com account having a different icon than Office 365 login entries.