Custom Field Variables for Username and Password

I think it would be a good idea if there was a username and a password variable that you could use to reference what you have already entered in for the username and password. For example, $USERNAME for username and $PASSWORD for password. The reason for this, I find that some websites require me to make a custom field and re-enter my password or username so that it will auto fill correctly. When I do that, but say have to change my password, I then have to go in and update the custom field as well with the new password/username.

Let me know what everyone thinks or if I need to clarify.

I think I get what you’re saying and it sounds like a good idea. Do you have an example of where you’ve been asked to do this? The only examples I can think of would reference those fields as “username” and “password”, so should be picked up properly by Bitwarden.

It seems personal capital is one of them. I have to have the username in a custom field. I think it is because the username and password are on their own separate page for the auto fill.

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Another site is I think this would most benefit sites that have both the username and password as html type “password”.

Here is another site that would benifit from having a variable that could reference your email and password: