Custom Field Variables for Username and Password

I think it would be a good idea if there was a username and a password variable that you could use to reference what you have already entered in for the username and password. For example, $USERNAME for username and $PASSWORD for password. The reason for this, I find that some websites require me to make a custom field and re-enter my password or username so that it will auto fill correctly. When I do that, but say have to change my password, I then have to go in and update the custom field as well with the new password/username.

Let me know what everyone thinks or if I need to clarify.

I think I get what you’re saying and it sounds like a good idea. Do you have an example of where you’ve been asked to do this? The only examples I can think of would reference those fields as “username” and “password”, so should be picked up properly by Bitwarden.

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It seems personal capital is one of them. I have to have the username in a custom field. I think it is because the username and password are on their own separate page for the auto fill.


Another site is I think this would most benefit sites that have both the username and password as html type “password”.

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Here is another site that would benifit from having a variable that could reference your email and password:

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another use case :
in bitwarden i want to to build up my environment settings

at runtime, it should looks like this

the credentials are fake…

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I also need this feature.
For now I am using Keepass which has already this. In my case I use ftp
ftp://{username}:{password} to open program and connect to the server automatically.


This is certainly a no brainer on my part. I’ve posted an issue to github here in reference to Chad Scharf making a comment on the large issue about autofill not working properly, stating that a simple way for a few sites that follow unusual conventions for credential fields is to use the custom fields that Bitwarden offers. I stated that if I’m using a password manager, I don’t want to have to remember which sites I’ve set custom fields for and therefore which sites I need to go and update the entry if I ever change the password for the site, because that kinda defeats the whole point of using a password manager. Hopefully this will gain some traction because it is seriously a missed opportunity.


Another example is where using an SSO LDAP linked account across multiple services and the login fields vary across services. I don’t want to maintain multiple entries in BW for each service when everytime I change that password it will affect multiple services. Pointing a customer field to a standard field entry would solve this.

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I agree that this is an important security feature as well. One of the great things about any password manager is only having to fix/correct/change passwords in 1 single location, for many reasons. The custom fields feature is awesome, but without a variable feature, you might end up with multiple locations for the same password for the same site. That defeats the purpose I stated above.

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Another use case for such functionality is to login to SAP systems. Here is an example of the connection string to open and login to SAP directly from KeePass.

cmd://sapshcut -system=NSP -client=100 -user={USERNAME} -pw={PASSWORD} –maxgui

Source: Using KeePass Instead of SAP Logon | SAP Blogs

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Was this ever implemented? The GitHub issue ( Allow custom fields to hold a reference to the username/password of the login item · Issue #1683 · bitwarden/browser ( is closed with no comment about implementing.

The issue was closed just to get folks to go back to the below request (since we use the forums for feature discussion, and GitHub for bugs/issues)

We do have a somewhat similar item in progress thanks to @eliykat here (it’s across all repos, not just browser :+1: )


@eliykat is it possible to add a prefix or suffix to a linked custom field?

Hi @loomast, I’m not sure what you mean. What kind of prefix/suffix? What are you trying to achieve?

Is this for instances where TOTP is appended to credential for a particular login sequence?

want to achieve the result as described in my previous post Custom Field Variables for Username and Password - #6 by loomast

in the current implementation you can copy a username value to another field with another name.
sometimes another implementation of the username is used username@servername for example.
@servername is then the suffix as mentioned before.

on the moment of writing the “linked” field does not have a way to add “@servername