Custom Fields conflict after credential changes


Custom fields work independently of main credentials fields (normal “user name” and “password” fields) . This behaviour causes headaches when changing passwords as the change is saved in the ordinary password field but not within “Custom Fields”. So, I often end up getting the famous warning that my password isn’t correct when login into a site after having updating my password.

It’s been a while since I noticed that problem. It’s not truly a bug, but almost. I’ll explain why it should be corrected. You know, most people writing here have more advanced knowledges with computers, it’s not the same for everyone. Bitwarden has gained a favorable reputation that makes it appealing for common folks. That said, I find this problem annoying when faced, but, at least, I understand fast why I face it. Imagine a user that just begin with password management and/or is not interested in learning the more advanced options, it will almost surely not realize that it happens because a feature that is supposed to improve efficiency is now undermining it.

So, my thoughts about it is that either it could be disabled or changed automatically when the identical credentials is modified. Also, making Custom Fields working with variables [Custom Field Variables for Username and Password] could be a viable path if improved correctly for this as it isn’t right now.