Consolidated Export Vault

Feature name

Consolidated Export Vault

Feature function

When clicking Export Vault, bring up a checklist of all exportable items so that users can actually do easy, complete backups of their vault(s) from one location.


Right now users must export, separately, and in completely different locations:

  • Personal Vault (.json)
  • Personal Vault (.csv)
  • Each individual Organization (.json)
  • Each individual Organization (.csv)
  • Each individual attachment

This is, to say the least, a chore. It is also counter-intuitive because I believe the common expectation is that clicking “Export Vault” already saves all necessary information while it does not in fact do that. Only by researching in multiple FAQ help files can you learn the caveats of exporting and what is and isn’t actually exported.

My proposal is to make the “Export Vault” link/button bring up a checklist of all available exportable items, with all items checked by default, allowing users to choose what to export while ensuring the default is to export everything.This checklist should include all the items from the unordered list above

This would likely require zipping up the various files, or figuring out a way to make a single unified export file for personal and Organizational vault items. My preference would be for a zip file where you could specify the password to encrypt the zip file. I am, however, unsure of how feasible this would be to accomplish client-side.

Related topics + references

There are many… MANY… related Feature requests that request, for example, exporting of attachments, additional fields being exported, more complete exports, etc. I believe this suggestion is different in that it offers a way to unify exports to make them more user friendly and complete while also incorporating most of the other suggestions.

Allow Attachments to be exported when using Export Data
JSON export is incomplete
Export all items
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p.s. I tagged this app:all because ideally there should be feature parity among the different clients especially when it comes to exporting. But I suspect the logical starting point would be app:web.

This is needed.