JSON export is incomplete

Feature name

  • Complete vault data in export

Feature function

  • The current vault export is missing fields such as the “last modified”, password history, and last password modification time.
  • My request is quite simply that if it’s in my vault, it should be in the JSON export. I recognize that attachments are a separate and larger problem, but there is no good reason these fields have been omitted from the export.
  • There should be no issue with backwards compatibility, since any apps processing the new JSON can just ignore the new fields.
  • There was a thread on Reddit this morning from a user who wanted to examine his vault to find all passwords that hadn’t been changed since a given date. /u/Eclipsan points out that if there has been a vault compromise, a user might want to find all of these entries in the vault and change them. I replied that although the Bitwarden app might not help, that data is clearly in the vault, so OP could export the data and run a simple Python script to find these entries. Imagine my embarrassment to discover that the JSON export is incomplete :frowning:

Yeah, +1 for this. This should definitely be implemented.

+1 on this. Exports should see as much parity with the original vault data as is feasibly possible.

Furthermore, a PR policy should probably be added:

If someone is adding a feature that adds a field to the vault data, in order for the PR to be approved, it should be accompanied by an addition of that field to all exports if there is no substantial reason it cannot or should not be added.

I agree. Especially previous passwords can really save the day, in case of a mistake. We should be able to back them up, too.

For what it’s worth, this would be a good first issue for someone looking to contribute and a PR I’d be happy to review/help out with.