Connection to Remote Desktop Manager


it is much more important like this, but it would be nice if there would be a connection to the server management tools “Remote Desktop Manager” in the future.
Some other password tools now have this functionality.
With this connection it is then possible to link passwords, for example for the SSH login from Bitwarden.

As an example here with 1Password →

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This sounds like something the developers of Remote Desktop Manager would need to add.

All right, I once made a request to the developers themselves. Let’s see


I’ve got an answer from the Dev’s:

We already tried to do the integration but there is no API. I think that our dev tried to contact the developer. I will double check if we got an answer.


Yes, we replied to their developer asking what type of API they need to make it work but we never got a reply.

Thanks for telling me.
Let’s wait and see, maybe there will be an answer with the respective requirements in the near future.

Just as a FYI, we responded to their developer on May 9, 2018.

Great, thanks for that information, too.
I have also shared this information with the developers. The devs may then save themselves a search for your answer.

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I am the one in charge of Business Development at Devolutions. Maybe my email response hit a snag while getting back to you, so I will simply post our requirements here.

At minimum, we need a simple REST API that will list credentials that are available to a user (name of entry, folder, type), then a second api to get the username, domain, password of that credential.

If you support reservations, comments, etc, this would need to be exposed as well.

We have started to study your CLI because they must call an endpoint of some sort. Hopefully you can help kickstart our project.

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You can call our RESTful server APIs, but that will only give you encrypted data since the Bitwarden server does not store this data in unprotected form. Every client application is responsible for decrypting data and managing the user’s keys. This is why we provide a CLI as an entrypoint for managing this type of data. Getting the data from the server is only one step in a complex operation.

This is similar to how LastPass and 1Password also work, which I see you have integrations for already. How do you manage those?

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For 1Password, there was a SDK available that made things easier. For Lastpass, we ported code available in their CLI, which takes longer.

Our engineers are looking at your CLI. Hopefully they will be able to port the code.

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Possible work-around for now. Perhaps this will work, Looking forward to testing it.

Simple batch file creates URI association
After you use rdp.bat to create the hyperlink association you can launch an rdp session by clicking any hyperlink in the form of:


I think in order to pass off the passwords, they would need to be saved in the RDP MSTSC Connectiod, which is stored in the Windows Credentials Manager on the local machine.

Edit - this method works swell with remote control tool Splashtop.

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is there already small progress in terms of integration? Or is integration currently not feasible?