Configuring bitwarden with AD FS SSO

As a brand new user of Bitwarden I am trying to install a self hosted instance. Everything seems to be working fine with the exception of SSO for the organization using SAML 2.0.
I have configured ADFS as best as I could following the guide at:
but I am not able to make sense of the Business portal Single Sign-on page.
I just get the cryptic message in bright orange:
“An error occurred. Organization not found from identifier.”
I am not an ADFS wizard, so I suspect something is wrong with the links. I can find no reference to Organization Identifier in the documentation.
The Bitwarden Directory Connector appears to be working fine.
If someone is aware of a better configuration guide I would be grateful.

I don’t know about this but I would suggest you to get in contact with the bitwarden team at

thankyou @vachan I have done so, but it is not resolved yet.

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Hey @PeterG,

I have the same problem.
Could you fix yours?