Collapse to tray on closing

In the desktop application, finally, there is an opportunity to minimize to the tray. But only when the application is minimized. Many other password managers do the opposite: when you minimize an application, it turns into the taskbar, and when you close it, it’s in the tray. It would be good to do this behavior, because often forgetting and habitually close the application (which for the password manager is almost never necessary). As an option, you can leave both behaviors and make a tick in the settings: which one to use.

I also would like to minimize Bitwarden to the system tray when closing.
Unfortunately I don’t have any votes left here…

Just installed Bitwarden to give it a spin. This is a tool that I would use all day, every day and it should just always be running in the tray even if I “close” it. (On another topic, even the minimize to tray is flaky). Pretty please add this feature and I will move to Bitwarden once and for all!

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I keep accidentally causing Bitwarden to exit by closing the window. It should definitely keep running if the icon in the system tray is enabled.

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This feature is already implemented in the Advanced Settings, isn’t it @kspearrin?

This is already implemented. Under File -> Settings -> Close to Tray Icon.

That will minimize the app to the tray when closing the window.

Is this only for Windows? I cannot find this option on MacOS 10.14.3. BitWarden 1.14.0

Now available on Windows.

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