"Clear clipboard" button for web vault/extension

Pretty basic: add some kind of button to erase the clipboard after you copy a password to it. It doesn’t have to be automatic, the idea is to have that instead of selecting and copying a random word, or worse: keeping the password in the clipboard!

There is already an option In the Bitwarden settings to automatically clear the clipboard after a selected time interval. Personally, I think this is better than adding another button to clutter the UI.

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@dimitar.bogdanov does the automatic clipboard clear work for your needs?

Not necessarily. While the first reply is talking about an option for the extension, I’m talking about the web vault.

Could be a mistake on my part but I found no such option in the web vault.

Good catch - I believe you are correct that you can’t clear the clipboard from the web vault. If you could, I suspect you would need to look at the browser rather than Bitwarden to do this. But perhaps there is a clever way to do this from a web page? Maybe someone here will know.