Vault accessable setting to automaticaly clear clipboard after a PW Copy & Paste?

When logging into a site and I do a “copy password”, then paste it into the login screen, the password persists in my clipboard. Is there a Bitwarden vault setting that I can set to have my clipboard automatically cleared after I paste my password into the login screen? I am constrained to use the BitWarden Vault to access my logins.

This feature exists. Take a look at the options. By the way: Why do you use copy-paste? If you are using the Bitwarden browser extension, try Ctrl+Shift+L. By doing this you completely skip the clipboard-problem.

Peter_H, Thanks for the response.
I cannot install the extension in my browser for reasons I cannot get into here.

I’ve looked at Options in the Vault and have not found the setting I am seeking.
Where are you seeing this in the Vault as an option?


The options are within the clients other than the web vault, under settings > options.

Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 8.12.36 AM


Thank you Trey Greer!

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