Choose the word list for passphrases

The user must be able to choose the word list used to generate passphrases.

A passphrase must be made of words that are easy to spell and remember. The current list uses words that are too long, hard to spell, and completely out of the usual vocabulary.

And that’s for native english speakers. I’m French, I live in Germany and work with Swedes. I guarantee that none of us are able to type correctly a passphrase with “quarel”, “mannlinness” or “konsult” in it (typos are intended), like the one I just generated.

Some examples for additional word lists.

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The word list in the desktop app is embedded in the Electron bundle app.asar. We can see from the comment that the origin of the embedded list of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

To support multiple lists the development team might need to extract the list from the app bundle to a dedicated .txt file in the app path. That would make the list extensible because it’d simply be a reference to a file path.

// CONCATENATED MODULE: ./jslib/src/misc/wordlist.ts
// EFF's Long Wordlist from
const EEFLongWordList = [

I personally prefer LastPass’s pronounceable passwords over this. But the problem about LP is that, besides inconvenient, it’s on the other hand of Bitwarden. But for now, XKPassword has been doing great for me so far.

I understand about the globalization problem. I’m not from US either. So far, I didn’t find people who did this into other languages. But I just use XKPassword and translate each word, so it gives me clues about what a passphrase can be.

It would be formidable to have this feature in Bitwarden, of course. But I guess this is minor priority for now. Let’s wait (a while) and see. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Is there any chance this request will make it to the roadmap?

Currently, it does seem the amount of requests for this is pretty low, so the overall chances would be less for sure. Perhaps this is something we could translate via Crowdin to make it easier to implement.

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i really love the idea. RIght now i am using to generate PW in my language, have to add Capital Letters or Numbers etc. manually. Best would be to have that option in Bitwarden included :slight_smile:

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Wow, thank you so much for this! I knew and even recommended XKPasswd, but I didn’t know they’ve done it with other languages. Awesome! :smiley:

I just hope that API is open so Bitwarden can make some use of that code. Thanks for letting me us know! :grin:

I could see it being really handy to be able to select bip-39.

Good call!
Besides passphrase source is English (not native for many users) only, the words are quite long and complex.
So even if your proficient in English, mistyping due to stress, lack of attention, or small screen/keyboard will happen quite often.
@tgreer: Maybe Bitwarden could (optionally) enable short / common English words in a quick first step? I think this would help and cost less effort.

I would like to be able to use custom word lists as well. I’m bilingual (working on trilingual) and it would be helpful to me to add word lists from my other languages to (possibly) enhance the security of the passphrase without making it harder for me to remember. I also find some words exceedingly annoying to type (I’m looking at you, “minimum”) and would like to be able to remove those from my word lists.