Avoid negative words in username generator

Feature name

  • Avoid negative words in username generator

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?

Negative words (e.g., avenge, unholy) should not present in generated usernames

  • What benefits will this feature bring?

Users won’t be embarrassed when they use their generated usernames.

  • Remember to add a tag for each client application that will be affected

Related topics + references

Which languages do you want to be supported ? All, including artificial languages like Esperanto and/or Klingon ? A “negative” word in one language could be a “not-negative” word in another.

On a side-note: “Unheilig” (German for “Unholy”) was a band that was very successful even in the mainstream media (*1). Perhaps see and listen for yourself (*2).

(*1) Unheilig - Wikipedia
(*2) Unheilig - Geboren um zu leben feat. Cassandra Steen (MTV Unplugged) - YouTube

Which languages do you want to be supported ?

Since the dictionary for generating usernames is in English, I’m talking about English.

On a side-note: “Unheilig” (German for “Unholy”) was a band that was very successful even in the mainstream media (*1). Perhaps see and listen for yourself (*2).

Yes, words have varied meanings in different contexts. Exactly for that reason, username generation should be based on more non-controversial words

Restricting any words is totally dumb. More words = better security. If a word bothers some user, the latter have the possibility to change it or the whole passphrase easily. It’s a complete nonsense to make anything like that. More, passwords shouldn’t take care of politics… Funny request, I think…
To conclude, I think I will make a request for more words choice by asking for an option to choose between more languages dictionaries and to even mix chosen ones into a single passphrase. For example : 1 Spanish word + 1 French word + 2 English word + 1 German word. That is a better way to go for Bitwarden than the one requested here.

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You can simply keep generating random passwords if you don’t like the initial one. I want as much randomness as possible in my random password phrases.


I agree with the notion that simply regenerating a random username or passphrase is a trivially simple work-around for those who object to certain words and are willing to sacrifice entropy in return for keeping their passwords and logins halal.

A long-term approach that might work for everybody is to allow Bitwarden users configure their random word generators to use one (or more) out of several available word lists. Bitwarden is currently hardcoded to use the EFF’s so-called Long Word List, but EFF has other word lists, and the original Diceware site offers word lists in many different languages. There are many valid reasons for preferring one word list over another (for example, EFF’s second “short” list is designed to be compatible with autocomplete and autocorrect functionality).

Once Bitwarden is able to support user-selectable word lists, it should be possible to crowdsource the generation of specialized word lists (similar to the GUI translation collaboration on Crowdin). This way, a group of like-minded users who object to certain words in the existing word lists could create their own word list consisting only of words they consider wholesome.

Similar feature requests were made in 2018 (Choose the word list for passphrases) and in 2020 (Passphrase generator dictionary option or use the user language as default).

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