"Easy to read" option in password generator

LastPass does have “easy to read” option in their password generator and it works very well. What about something similar in Bitwarden?

Check out: https://www.lastpass.com/password-generator

This is a screenshot of the “easy to read” option you linked to in your original post.

We can see that this option causes the password generator to avoid ambiguous characters. That is very helpful and also something BitWarden does!

Open the password generator and put a check mark in the Avoid Ambiguous Characters option.

This is how it looks in the browser extension:
This is how it looks in the desktop app:

Bitwarden also supports passphrases! These are the easiest to read credentials! Change the type from password to passphrase to try it out within the password generator.


Yes, but I guess this could be improved. By many ways. But it’s probably gonna take a while to be enhanced, I guess.

Hi K0media! Do you have any specific improvement suggestions? I personally find the password generator intuitive, easy to access, and easy to use.

@Matthew_Sanders, please see this:

Right, I remember reading this post in the other thread. Passphrases are great. Being able to choose the word list would accommodate other languages.

I vote for the “Easy to say” option … very fun.