Check Sync Status Before Save (Avoid Data Loss)

See reddit post: Devices Not In Sync = Data Loss

Bitwarden does not check the sync status of an entry on edit/save and also does not story a history for all fields which can lead to data loss if your vault is not in sync and you edit an item. This can easily happen as automatic vault sync across devices is not 100% reliable.

Since an active data connection is required in order to save an entry, to prevent data loss Bitwarden should:

  1. Check the sync status of an entry upon clicking the Edit button
  2. Check the sync status of an entry upon clicking the Save button

And ideally:
3) Have a History for the entire entry, not just the password field. Critical items (e.g. recovery codes) can be saved in custom fields.

This just happened to me. Using the Chrome extension on my desktop, I updated my password, added TOTP details, and added the recovery code for a website. That went fine and tested to ensure things were working correctly.

I then went to log into the service on my phone, using the service’s app. I assumed Bitwarden on my phone already synced with my changes. Turns out, it hadn’t yet. So I tried logging in, told Bitwarden to save the URI for the app for future convenience, and then tried logging in (with the old password) and failed. I performed a sync, and now I lost my new password (which I retrieved through the generation history), TOTP, and recovery code.

Seems like a no-brainer. Happened to me several times.

THIS^ deserves more attention. There needs to be an pre/auto-sync or at least some intuitive logic to prevent overrides in any case. Maybe warning that there’s a clash (and saves the clash under a separate entry).