Prevent unsaved data from being lost

In some cases, unsaved data may be lost with the current version. Here are some scenarios that have happened to me:

Scenario 1

I keep Bitwarden on desktop open with an unsaved login, and it gets locked before I click “save” button. When I unlock it with pin, I see my unsaved data is lost.


The editor page should remain open when bitwarden gets locked/unlocked.

Scenario 2

In the mobile app, I click the ‘back’ button while being on editor, hoping there will be a prompt asking if I want to save the note. But I get nothing instead, and my data is lost.


When I click the ‘back’ button, there should be a prompt with these options: “Keep editing”, “Save”, “Don’t Save”.

Possible duplicate to this request:

And this one:

OP: Please search for existing requests before creating new ones - I think everyone would appreciate that! :slight_smile:

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I think this post is partically duplicate of the posts you referred to. The “Scenario 1” is duplicate of the second post you cited. The “Scenario 2” and the first post you referred are not duplicates of each other, since one of them is about browser extension, the other being about mobile app.

I’ve adjusted the existing posts to reflect all apps so we can close this thread and move discussion/votes to the existing topics.

Whatever mechanism we would introduce to save data would likely be used across all clients :+1:

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