Password changes not being saved

I just moved to BW from LastPass. I am on Windows 10 and FireFox. I have the FF extension. Everything seems to be working except when I change a password on a site, BW does not update. I assume I missed something in settings but I can’t figure out what. Thanks for any help.

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Did Bitwarden ask you if it should save the changed password? Bitwarden will never save a new password automatically without asking you first.

And to be in the safe side: Make the change inside Bitwarden first.

Yes it does ask and I say update but it is not updated.

Kind of defeating the purpose if I need to change Bitward first.

I wouldn’t say it defeats the purpose, though I agree it’s frustrating if it isn’t working as intended. Check your vault and see if any new entries have been created rather than existing entries being updated. I think I’ve seen that occur before.

I deleted an entry and then recreated it and Bitwarden did its job. I then updated the password for that entry and Bidwaradn did not update. I went into Bitward to manually update the entry and can’t find an “edit”.

indeed, that the safest way, even you failed to change the password, bitwarden has a password history, so able to check it back

How do i change a password in Bitwarden? I can’t find Edit. And how do I find the History file.

Click the little record icon (first of four to the right of the account name) to open the details:


Then click “Edit” at the top right:


For password history of a particular account, check the bottom of the “View Item” screen. For a history of passwords you’ve generated, click on Generator then Password History.


The history is at the bottom of every item:


Thank you. I am now all set up. I reached out to Bitwarden and they had me delete, reboot and reinstall. All is now working as it should.