Capture custom fields

Is there a way to capture ‘fill in’ information automatically with BW? I used to use LastPass which had the feature of copying everything entered on that page but can’t seem to figure out how to do it in BW. I have many non-login pages that I want to be able to save stuff like name, address, city, etc. I did a search on the title of this post but didn’t find anything useful. Did I overlook a how-to guide? I also would like to be able to set up BW to populate credit card info on a webpage if that too is possible.


BTW running Firefox on Windows 10.

This is the workflow for “capturing” custom fields in Bitwarden (it is not automated):


This is how you auto-fill credit-card information:

For this to work, you first need to define a “Card” item in your vault.

For future reference, all of the above information is from the Help Center Documentation.

OK. Thank you. I just created my first generic “login” fill for a survey. Found out that the ‘name’ of each entry can be found in my old LastPass saves so I didn’t have to go through the trouble of using development tools to find them.

What was confusing is how to enter in the ‘name’ - it took me a while to figure out I had to ‘click’ on name to enter it :frowning: and then add the value below. I kept thinking I add the name in the area below it, and then a screen would appear for the actual value. Would be nice to make sure that is obvious since “name” is both SMALL and grayed out (at least in my color palette).

Will try a credit card next.

Not sure if it is on the features-add list or not but that would be so nice to have like in LastPass (capture all data entered). That would definitely convince me to go premium.