How to fill custom fields for credit cards?

there are lot of sites that when I want to fill in the credit card info, some of the fields are left out.
Some time its the exp date, some time is the cvv, some time card number and name are in reverse.

How can I achieve this? Its kinda drag that it need to be copy/pasted all the time.


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@skullmonkey Welcome to the forum!

You should be able to set up custom fields for card items same as you would for a login item. However, this approach may not be very effective, since the root cause of the problem is that credit card entry forms on different websites do not adhere to any standards or conventions for the HTML code that renders the credit card input fields. So a custom field that works on one website will probably not work on any other websites.

One thing that you can try is to repeat the autofill more than once. Often, credit card entry forms change their HTML code dynamically as the user interacts with it, so the autofill algorithm may be able to recognize certain input fields on a second (or third) try, if they were not recognized initially.

Credit card info is generally not specific to any one website.

So, try this . . .

Create a new Bitwarden Vault entry as Type = Card. It should have all the Cardholder Name, Credit Card No, Exp Date, etc. fields you need.

Log-on to the website where you need to use the credit card, navigate to the payment page.

On the Bitwarden browser extension, click-on the Tab button (with the folder icon in the lower left corner), then select the Bitwarden entry for the Credit Card you want to use on this site. This should autofill the fields on the payment page of the website.

@ThatSaid – The way I read @skullmonkey’s question, I interpreted their post to mean that they are already using Bitwarden’s card autofill feature (as you’ve described in your comment), but that it is not functioning correctly on some websites.

Got it.

Just to be clear, Bitwarden’s Credit Card autofill mostly works great.

Exactly this.
The auto fill sometimes work, but often not.
There times when instead of number the field is filled with CC name. Exp date with dropdown fields usually never works. CVV is almost never filled in.
I understand that different websites manage their payment forms differently but I don’t mind setting separate CC info for this websites but Bitwarden never ask to save the info after I manually fill the info on that websites.

So my idea was to get fields name from browser inspector then manually create Bitwarden CC entry so the fields will match.

Give it a try — in principle it should work.

Ok, but how? How do I add fields in Bitwarden that will bind to specific field name?

There are two methods described here:

This was the thing I was looking for.
Thanks, Ill try it!

Just to confirm that this did solved my problem. Too it didnt captured the info by itself :slight_smile:


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