Add additional autofill field

When creating a new entry, it would be beneficial to add an option to manually insert a new autofill field. For instance, a website that requires a username, password, and PIN to logon.

If you could add an autofill field, and then click the field on the webpage that should be filled, Bitwarden could remember that and fill it in with the keyboard shortcut.

When creating a new entry, you can add a “Custom field”. Doesn’t that solve what you’re asking for ?

Oh, I suppose so. I tried that on the webpage but the autofill didn’t work, that’s why I posted this. Guess it’s the webpages fault, so thank you for the response!

Which site is giving you trouble?

It was an ERPM website for the company I work for, but I actually figured it out, and it was because I wasn’t putting in the name of the field correctly. Thank you for the response!

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