Cannot import GPG keys due to maximum encrypted value length for Notes

I have some important GPG keys whose length varies, in some cases reaching approximately 9800 characters for example. I want to import them into my vault, but I can’t because of the error:

"The Notes field exceeds the maximum encrypted value length of 10000 characters."

I understand that Bitwarden has code limitations for the sizes of notes and password fields to prevent abuse, but this situation is preventing me from migrating users and using it on a large scale.

Is there any workaround for this? Ideally, it would be great to have a specific item type for cryptographic keys whose limit is higher than the others (at least for the paying tiers) to avoid this problem.

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I have this problem too.
I just had to put the keys in files and add as attachments.

I also have problems trying to send GPG keys with the “send” function.
I wanted my master password hint to be GPG encrypted but that idea failed due to size limits again :crazy_face:

10,000 characters seems like an arbitrary limit. Why not 10,001 or 20,000 or 30,000?

I will watch with interest but I don’t expect anything to change. We can always workaround with a file.

Just looking at BitWarden to move from LP, importing has failed at the first hurdle as you have noted with the same error.

Hoping for a quick fix so I can use this as an alternative.

Interesting that another import with what visually appears to be a shorter key appears to import fine.

It appears many people coming here from Lastpass hit this problem (see below feature request)
No good explanation has been given for the limit.

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Yes, please increase the abitrary 10k character limit. I’m in the 7-day trial period thinking about migrating from LastPass. I literally just have one note record which is just under 30k characters. I spent a lot of time trying to reorg the note into three different notes that might make sense (even though it makes the most sense to keep the entire note together). After a lot of effort to get three notes under 10k characters each, I was still running into an import error. Upon further research I discovered that in fact the limit is around 7500 characters, since Bitwarden counts the characters in the eventual encrypted note… which a 7500 character note encrypts to around 10k characters. :crazy_face:

Reference: Notes 10000 character max error with less than 10k char

Really frustrating and I’ve already spent way more time than I would like to try and meet the 10k, nay 7.5k limit. Please Bitwarden, just increase this arbitrary limit!

Thanks for the feedback all, it has been passed along to the team :+1:

Is this more of an issue than an FR? It seems to me like a good candidate for Sign in to GitHub · GitHub