Notes 10000 character max error with less than 10k char

Importing from LastPass, encountered the 10k character max limit. Found the offending records, removed them, successfully imported the rest.

Here comes the fun part: I then split the offending records into <= 9000 char, attempted to create new records for them individually, but I’m still getting the 10k error when pasting some of them in. I can plainly see each has well under 10k char (wc -m ), yet Bitwarden tells me it’s over 10k. Am I missing something?


The character limit applies to your data after it’s been encrypted. Our encryption algorithm increases the length of your data, so 9,000 characters unencrypted will exceed the 10,000 limit after encryption. It seems you can use 7,500 characters as an approximate limit for unencrypted text - see the recent discussion here: The field Notes exceeds the maximum encrypted value length of 10000 characters (when it is false) · Issue #1618 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub

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Ah, great, makes sense, thanks for clarifying!

Is there the option to increase this character limit?