Can I search my vault for passwords that match a certain pattern?

I am getting a dark web alert from my credit card company that shows the last 4 letters of one of my passwords and says the password was found in a security breach. BUT it doesn’t tell me the website or login name associated with this password of mine

can I search my vault of info for all the passwords that match this 4 letter string?

No, Bitwarden does not have the ability to search the password fields (unless you do a plaintext vault export, or do some scripting using the CLI).

However, if you have a Premium subscription, you can log in to the Web Vault and run a Exposed Passwords Report, which should identify any accounts with passwords that have been found in a known security breach.

thanks. funny how you always need “the premium”, to do the good stuff

my chase bank alert is basically useless. they said my password was exposed on dark web but they don’t tell me what account (ie. website) it was .

I am a little puzzled. How would Chase know one of your passwords is exposed unless it is one you use with them? This implies you are concerned about another site where you used the same one, but have forgotten where. How many do you have with Chase?

Regardless, your sensible options already noted are either to export and search or to pay US$10, giving yourself a year to find the problem before cancelling.

It is not my place to tell anyone $10 is cheap but, damn, it’s cheap.

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funny how you always need “the premium”, to do the good stuff

because “If you give me 10 dollars, I will give you access to useless stuff” guy got fired last year.