Search for Password within Bitwarden Vault

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Hi All,

I recently had an online security service that I subscribe to advise me that a password of mine, beginning with U5xxxxxxx, has been found on the dark web. I don’t believe that vault searches in Bitwarden include passwords. Can anyone verify that for me, and if that’s true, does anyone have any hints are far as finding out what the password is for? I’ve been writing down/keeping my passwords for the past 25 years, and no have them all in Bitwarden. But I can’t seem to come up with a password that starts with U5xxxxxxx and don’t know what to try next.


To my knowledge, you cannot search for passwords within the Bitwarden vault. However, if you have an encrypted drive or virtual drive, you could export your vault in plain text as a CSV file and search on that.You just need to be REALLY careful with unencrypted password files because even if you delete them, they are easily recovered by anyone relatively tech savvy, e.g., if your computer is stolen.

Great idea, I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks for the advice, I will give that a try!