Can Bitwarden log in to The New York Times app on Android?

I have switched from LastPass to Bitwarden. I can’t get Bitwarden to autofill the log in fields in the New York Times app on Android 10. It works on the NYT website, but not the app.
Bitwarden can log in to The Times (of London) app without trouble, so I have all the right settings in my phone. Bitwarden cam also log me in to the Amazon shopping app.
I wonder if I need to modify the URL?

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I just tested and it doesn’t work for me either.

Edit: Even adding the NYTimes app name as an additional URI did not help.

What did you try? I tried androidapp://com.nytimes and androidapp://

Other apps have a strange URI

@Martin_Ross I used which I found based on a tip described in the following:

Here is the specific tip:

An easy way to obtain the proper URI for an Android app is to visit the app’s page in the Google Play Store, tap the share button, and paste the copied link somewhere you can read it. The link will look like . The value after id= is your URI, in this case .

Unfortunately, the official URI did not work, so I assume that there is something unconventional going on in the NYTimes android app.

Thanks. As you said, it does not work for NYT. But I shall remember for the future.

Actually, you don’t even need to click on share as the URL in the browser has theID.

@Martin_Ross Can you try right clicking on the NYT input field from a laptop, selecting the field name (bottom BW option), then adding it to the BW NYT file as a custom field with the “linked” setting. That creates the fix on a laptop for most sites. I would be curious if it would also create the fix on mobile.

NB. Don’t have my laptop handy which is why I can’t provide the specific field names you need to copy and then paste to.

Confirming it works on NYT iOS app.

I’ll try, but the app is Android or iOS only and I don’t think your post applies to Android. I am familiar with adding custom fields. Bitwarden does log in to the nytimes website ok, but not their app.
I appreciate your help.

I suspect you’re correct. Was just an idea that I haven’t tried.

Check out this Reddit thread, noting solution by user leopor for finding the right url which can be different than the website top-level domain.

Edit: woops, realized this is for iOS and you are on Android. Same principle may apply, though.