Bw cli SERVE API Docs

This is more of a request I suppose. On the Vault Management API page ( it would be nice to have examples of use via curl.

For instance, the example JSON for adding a login item, contains a { "reprompt": true } and this results in an error message: {"success":false,"message":"The model state is invalid."}

It appears that particular value needs to be a 0 or 1 and not true/false.

Having curl based examples will help folks test and translate into their own tool choice.

Love the new feature, using it returns items in 0.058 seconds, versus getting the same item directly from the cli call, 1.23 seconds. Clearly not paying the startup cost of the cli on the Mac each time you want to fetch an item is great.


Hello @cmaahs - welcome to the community forums!

I think that is a great request for the Bitwarden team. I hope you don’t mind, but I changed the category of your post to Feature Request to increase its visibility. Cheers!

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Perfect, thanks much.

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