Export cards and identities

Currently, bitwarden does not export/backup any card data (credit cards, etc.).

Please include this data in the export/backup file.

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There is an issue on GitHub about this : https://github.com/bitwarden/web/issues/148

There is also https://github.com/bitwarden/browser/issues/533

in which Kyle defers to this forum.

Exporting data for a backup seems to be a fundamental feature that is needed for a password manager.


As a workaround for now, you can write a simple routine using the CLI to list of your data in JSON form and save that to a file.

Dear kspearrin,

I managed to export my vault via CLI including my credit cards and ID’s. Thanks for that.
But I was wondering: How is a user, not used to a command line, suppose to export via CLI ? Don’t you think, that’s a bit lame for a company like 8bit ?
Or are there other interests behind, avoiding a *.csv for the COMPLETE vault ?


That’s a bit harsh. Bitwarden advances quite nicely and steady. There have to be priorities.
CSV is not a well suited format anyway. I guess the JSON export via UI would be a good thing. Even better would be, if you were also able to import that again (including stuff like password history) so you can basically dump all data and replay it into a new account or server. But I’m drifting away … :slight_smile:

This is available in the next version of the apps with a .json export option.

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