Browser timeout-Lock, Browser Close - Logout

Is there anyway to setup the client to:

  1. On Browser timeout - Lock with Pin
  2. On Browser Close - Logout (So need full PW & Authentication on new Browser start)


Hi @JD54321, welcome!

Not currently - the timeout event is the same for both. If your vault is set to “log out” on browser restart, you can manually lock the vault to use your PIN in the mean time.

Is there a plan to change this to add 2 events - timeout and restart, so that this can be done?

Since this can not be done currently, is it possible to have Lock on Browser timeout and Logout on system startup (Or doesn’t the extension know about a startup, only a Browser close)? I’d really like to get my TFA authentication to be used more frequently than just once per device, but not every few minutes.


No plan to add an additional timeout right now, but would be worth a topic in the feature request section for sure.

As for the timeouts, the same action happens at either the applied timeout, or a browser close/restart, unless “never” is selected.