Browser Auto Login possible?

I open and close my Firefox many times a day. Therefore I have to in the browser extension again and again. Could it stay login - per example for 24 hours - when I close the browser? It is my PC at home so it is no big securtiy matter …
Thank you!

If you are comfortable with it, there is an option to Never lock your vault. You can also setup a short PIN code or biometrics to unlock the extension on browser startup. Otherwise, a browser restart will force you to unlock with your password.

On Windows, I am just in the habit now of only minimizing my browser, not fully closing it. This way, you can setup an unlock PIN code and a timeout period to lock.

The current available options were listed by dh024.

A future option (assuming you use Desktop app) would be the Feature Request: Login to browser extensions when logging into desktop app and vice versa