Duration of Vault Being Locked

I previously had the Vault timeout setting specified as On browser restart. After a while I got tired of entering my PIN every time I restarted the browser, so I changed the setting to Custom with a timeout value of 168 hours (a week). I assumed that a browser restart would no longer require me to enter the PIN. However, it still does require that. Is this the way it is supposed to work?

Unless you keep your browser running for 168 hours this would be expected

Thank you. I typically close my browser at the end of each day, so I’ll plan to type my PIN each morning.

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No biometric option to avoid needing a PIN?

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Hi @Jimshoot!

This is expected behavior - when you fully close your browser window, you will always be logged out of your browser extension. (More info available here on web vault and extension timeouts).

I hope this helps!