Blank Chrome plugin

Hi All - I’m working to troubleshoot this issue but I’m not making progress. Running the plugin with Chrome on Windows 10 and using SaaS Bitwarden, I see the images below. Theming, zoom, etc. don’t have an impact. Any thoughts regarding what might be amiss?

Potentially of note, the send functionality is also broken.

Let’s start with: I do not have this issue (neither the members of my family) and my system (incl. Bitwarden) is up to date. Therefore I would assume it’s something on your system.
I assume that you have done the obvious like rebooting or - if that did not help - uninstalling, rebooting, re-installing.
To figure out if this is network related install Bitwarden either from the MSFT-Store or their desktop app.
Then give us some feedback.

I’m having the same problem with the plug-in in both Chrome and Edge. The plug-in in firefox is fine though.

Hey everyone, please let me know if you’ve tried the following steps:

  • Remove and reinstall the extension
  • If issues persists, remove and reinstall Chrome