Bitwarden Registration in wrong language

When I click on Create Free Organization to Register for Bitwarden for Business, the Registrer page is in a language that I can not read.

My Windows 10 is in Norwegian and my different web browsers is set to prefer Norwegian and includes English in the list. There is no arabic or hebrew (?) languages in my language list.

Is this a bug in Bitwarden register page?
Why can I not select language individually, whitch is common on web pages like Microsoft, Apple, etc.?

Also the Log inn page is displayed in the “wrong language”:

To overcome this obsticle, I can move English as prefered language in the browser.
As long as english is “on top”, these pages are presented in english and are posable to read (for me).

Hi @hakontdal thank you for reporting this.

We currently only support “Norwegian Bokmål”(nb) for Norwegian clients. I’m guessing that your system is set to a different locale, possibly “Norwegian”(no) or “Norwegian Nynorsk”(nn).

Our translations are crowd-sourced and are done through CrowdIn

Could you please try switching to “nb” or “en” for now?

If you’d like to see translations for “no” or “nn” please create a feature request here.

I am able to reproduce the behaviour you mentioned, when setting my browser’s locale to “no”. I currently have no idea why it doesn’t default back to at least English, when the site can’t find translations. I’ll look into that later today.

Kind regards

Hi @hakontdal,

I had a chance to look into this and can confirm that this was a bug. The fallback language is supposed to be english.

Hi @djsmith85 , and thank you for your reply.
If it was a bug, is it not fixed after all? So it still is a bug, yes?
I am kind of new to Bitwarden and do not use Github. It would be great if you reported this in the corect way.

My web browsers language settings are normally like this:

Q: Can your web page only look at the top most selected language, and if you do not support it, you default to another predefined language?

I would think that your website was able to use the one you support in the clients list, from the top?

Hi @hakontdal,
first of all welcome to Bitwarden :slight_smile:

Sorry, I should’ve made it clearer.

Currently we only support translations for Norwegian Bokmål”(nb). As you have set Norwegian Nynorsk”(nn) as your locale, we should fallback to English. The bug was that it would fallback to Azerbaijani instead of English. Although my changes have been merged, I unfortunately I missed the window to include it into the current release. So at the moment you’d still experience this behaviour until the next release :frowning: Here is some more information in regards to localization and maybe setting your language for Web and Desktop might help in the meantime.

I like the idea of having multiple fallbacks based on the user’s browser preference, unsure what effort it would take though to support that.

To request to support multiple fallbacks or add “Norwegian Nynorsk”(nn)” to our translations, could you please create a feature request. Others can then vote on this and depending on demand, we can possibly priorize it.

Kind Regards

It would be great if Bitwarden could be displayed in Norwegian Bokmål (nb) if the web browsers language settings has this on the second or third place, and Bitwarden does not support the languages higher up in the list.

I can see that this might need some resources for the developers.
Therefor I keep thinking about the language-selection option that Microsoft, Apple, etc. is including in theire web pages.

It could be a “life saver” if links like this was included in the login- and register-pages on Bitwordens website.