Override default language settings

The Windows App is provided in German language.
When I suggest some features here, then it would be useful to see the UI in English language.
So please add a language selection in the settings.

I think more users than the ones voted are interested in this.
Most people probably don’t go through the hassle of registering for a forum account (even though it’s a very easy process with Google/FB federated auth…).

Please provide this feature request in a public poll exposed to your user base to gauge the response.
We all really need a way to decide by ourselves what language we want to use and English is in most cases by far the better choice than other native languages.

Other sources:

My bad… seems like this is implemented in the browser version, go to Settings > Options:

And the native application (Linux), go to File > Settings:

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I wasn’t able to locate it while browsing through the settings, I’m not used to using applications in my native language. Perhaps set English to default? Also would be helpful if there was a “How to change language” in the Help Pages: https://help.bitwarden.com/search/?q=language

Thanks for providing “Language selection”!