"Bitwarden password manager has a new update" message

I’m getting this on my phone on a daily basis lately. I’ve been allowing it, but not today. Should I? I don’t know why or what it precisely refers to. My phone? Desktop? Database update?

It’s a new permission needed for your browser’s extension, as explained here:

I don’t know why you’d get prompted every day, though. It’s typical to just use the app on Mobile; maybe you can remove the BW FF browser extension?

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@Neuron5569 @bituser Yeah, I think I remember someone else in the forum here having that message again and again, because of using the browser extension on mobile (which is not supported by Bitwarden → instead, use the mobile app on mobile).

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Here’s another one

That permission isn’t listed here, but the notification is from Firefox, so yes, maybe i need to remove the Firefox extension. Are you saying the extension is not supported on Windows as well?

Is is safe to allow it?

No. The browser extensions are of course supported on Windows etc. But they are not support using on mobile browsers.