New permission grant required by Firefox extension update, changelog mentions only 'bug fixes'

The Firefox extension was updated to v2024.4.2 and now requires the additional permission “Access browser activity during navigation”. This new requirement is not explained or mentioned anywhere - even the various changelogs only mention ‘bug fixes’.

Whilst I might be perfectly capable of figuring out the reason for this new requirement myself, and what granting it entails, others might not, and, frankly, the fact that it’s not even mentioned anywhere let alone explained by Bitwarden is quite disconcerting.


@peterf you’re correct, this deserved more detailed notes in our release. We’ll be working to update those communications.

The new permission allows the Bitwarden extension to better identify and select which content scripts are needed for the operation of the extension across browsers.

This was added as part of our move toward supporting manifest V3. You can review the PR where we added these changes here.


Thanks for answering! I wanted to add that I was worried this could have been an extension hijack, so I did feel suspicion and loss of trust until I found this forum post. I hope better process for future release notes can help avoid that!


Thank you for recognising the root of my concern, I highly appreciate it! My confidence in BW remains fully intact :slight_smile:

Just for the protocol - as I just saw, this was now also added to the Release Notes (Release Notes | Bitwarden Help Center) afterwards:

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I guess you can refrain from using an Mv2 browser.

I get this notification on my Android/Firefox home screen, but when I click on it, nothing happens. It goes away for a while and comes back later. I don’t see any settings in Bitwarden or Firefox to add the permission or change it.

@wjquigs11 … on your Android? Then I don’t know, because the browser extension is not supported on Android browsers. (instead, the mobile app should be used on mobile)

I see. I have the app installed; sounds like I can just uninstall the extension. Not sure why I had it on my phone.

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I keep seeing the notification over and over. With no way to fix or change anything.

Tapping the notification doesn’t lead to an action I can do. Opening permissions or Add-on settings gave nothing to fix or an action I can do.

Samsung A71 5G UW (SM-A716V) user here. Up to date as far as I know (no more OS updates for a while). Firefox release version from Google Play, though I have F-Droid installed for a few apps.

Think on Microsoft Phone Link (Windows 10 Phone access app) I saw an action, but I keep forgetting to expand the notification or I mistap. Then have to wait hours for it to reappear (or a day?). Think I’ve seen it 3-4 times so far.

@EternalStudent This notification is produced by the Bitwarden browser extension. You seem to be using the Bitwarden browser extension on a mobile phone, which is not supported by Bitwarden. (on a mobile phone, the Bitwarden mobile app should be used)

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