Bitwarden notification not received on locked Android phone

I’ve been trying to get “login with device” working smoothly for me and I believe I’m almost there, but one issue remains.

When I issue a request to logon with device from my Firefox extension running on Windows, I don’t receive the notification on my phone if it is locked. If I unlock the phone, I get the notification immediately and can proceed to logon to the extension. I’m using a OnePlus 10 Pro running OxygenOS 14 and I’m running Bitwarden version 2024.6.0 on it…

I’ve double-checked my phone and I have enabled lock screen notifications and disabled battery optimization for the Bitwarden app. I’ve also “locked” the app to the “recently run” apps; presumably this keeps the app “open” and running in the background.

Other apps routinely send notifications to my lock screen. I think Bitwarden did it once as well, but no longer.

Thanks for any help.

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