Bitwarden Not Recognizing changes to ./bwdata/env/global.override.env

I have a new installation and prior to the initial run I did not specify any administrators. I also did not disable self enrollment in the global.override.env. I have since changed both options but I still cannot receive the emails to access the administrative section and the link to self register accounts is still present on the home page. I have restarted all the containers, rebooted the servers and still not recognizing me as an administrator. I know the emails work as I did self enroll for general use and received my emails but cannot get the administrator emails to work…I assume because I need to somehow force a re-read of the configuration file but cant seem to locate any information on how to do that without doing a clean install. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Whenever you restart the containers it loads the new configuration. The registration link will always show, you just get an error when trying to register.

Is there anywhere I can see logs then on why my config is not functional for the administrator email system when its working fine for other alerts? I looked in the ./bwdata/logs/admin and ./bwdata/logs/api and ./bwdata/logs/identity but the only one with anything in it is the ./bwdata/logs/api/jobs/ and doesnt contain anything regarding email. Seems odd it would work fine for one set of emails but not another. I let it sit overnight after reboots and tried again this morning but still not getting the email.

Do you have your admin email set in the environment config?

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Thanks for responding. I did define addresses - 3 different ones to try and none were working. I actually figured out the issue about 20 minutes ago. I guess it stems from my lack of familiarity with Docker. I assumed manually restarting the containers or rebooting the whole server would trigger the necessary read operation for the config file but it does not. After using the script ./ restart it re-read the config and operated normally so this was user error. I apologize for tying up your cycles but do greatly appreciate the support. Love the product so far!