I can not enter Admin by sending mail

I deploy Bitwarden to my own server. I want to enter Admin page. But the error occur in the log in Admin directory as below:

2020-04-21 02:19:46.841 +00:00 [Error] mail from address must be same as authorization user
MailKit.Net.Smtp.SmtpCommandException: mail from address must be same as authorization user

How can I configure the globalSettings__mail__smtp__username in global.override.env file ?

globalSettings__mail__smtp__host= [it is my mail server]

I could be wrong here, (I dont run a BitWarden Private Server) but, from my experience with servers that looks like its trying to grab an Email Server to be able to send out emails most likely for Verification and login notifications. but you either don’t have an SMTP server setup or its not configured properly.

Or its failing to grab your SMTP server

Depending on what server OS your running you should get an SMTP server running, and go into the BitWarden Config files and make the necessary changes to add the SMTP server to BitWarden so its able to send out emails.

This can also be done using a 3RD party SMTP server, like

Have you verified whether those mail settings are correct using a separate mail client? Does your SMTP server really let people mail from port 25 without SSL encryption? It’s not impossible, but I see this only rarely nowadays.

The error message makes me think that your mail server disallows the “From:” field to be different from the mail user. BitWarden seems to use the “Reply-to:” address also for the “From:” field, so:

[email protected]m

This should work once you know what the From address should be.