Bitwarden-identity permanently restarting on Synology via Docker

Hi All, New to this forum.
I have been running Bitwarden on Synology NAS via Docker for some time now, and haven’t had any particular problems… until now! After a Docker update on the NAS which caused a problem with the Bitwarden-identity container to be in a constant loop of restarting, Synology has come up with another update which they say fixes the issue, but not for me.

Someone on another forum suggested that the environmental details are probably wrong on the container, but when I look at that, it appears to my untrained eye to have variables and paths in it look like they should be there, but I personally wouldn’t know what these details should be.

Any chance that anyone knows what could cause this problem, or dare I say it - know how to fix this issue.

**** Update ****
Wasn’t anything to do with the Docker update it would appear, there was a Bitwarden update to 1.32.1 which did the trick. Normally I only check for updates once a month. Maybe it was an issue with the previous version 1.31.1.

I was posting for another issue when I spotted your post. I just migrated to Bitwarden and also have a Synology NAS. Curious what your doing with the NAS, is it replacing the Bitwarden server or does it have some other use?

Hi, yes I do run BW via docker on my NAS, it works really well, and it can be set to automatically update at timed periods, I felt it was safer for me to run this on my NAS as it kept everything internal, it takes a bit of work to set up, but for me it’s worth it, you would have to open up a few ports on your firewall, but you can change these! If you would like instructions on how to get it set up, I can point you in the right direction, there are quite a few steps though just so you’re aware!

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