How to update Bitwarden that runs in Docker on a Synology

Hi there, as a newbie in Bitwarden and in this Forum I have the following question:
I have installed Bitwarden on my Synology NAS with Docker. So far everything looks fine and is working well…
But when I use the “Admin Panel” and go to the Menuitem “Diagnostics” I can see that there is an update available for the “Web”. The installed Version is 2.16.1 and the latest Version is 12.17.1. Unfortunately I cannot find out how to update the “Web”. No link and no Menuitem available…
Can anybody tell me how to run an update to 12.17.1 ?

Thank you and kind regards

Hello there!
Is this what you are looking for?

Hi vachan, thanky ou for your response.
But yes, I found this 2 commands already but I don not know where and how to run this 2 commands. In the Bitwarden Docker on my Synology I found a terminal where I can run this commands. Unfortunatly there is no response when I run tis commands…and no update.
Can you explain me how to run this commands inside the Bitwarden Docker ?

kind regards chuby

I haven’t self hosted before but I did this find this guide. Maybe this would be helpful to you.

Dear nachan,
your link " Synology: How to Update Docker Image" was perfect for me ! I followed the procedure in this link and Bitwarden was updated now from 2.16.1 to the latest 2.17.1 :smile:

Thank you very much for help !

kind regards Chuby

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