Bitwarden Firefox extension keeps logging out

And logged out again. The problem persists with the current versions of FF 127.0 (64-bit) and FF Dev 128.0b2 (64-bit).

@Coder The Bitwarden extension 2024.6.0 seems to tackle the issue. See here: #60

Is your FF browser extension updated to version 2024.6.0?

No, it’s still version 2024.4.2.

Issue should be fixed in 2024.6.0.

My version is 2024.4.2 and server version is 2024.6.1. Not sure which one is relevant, but I’m still getting logged out several times a day.

To clarify:

  • The issue is fixed in 2024.6.0, which can be downloaded from the Github release
  • However, Firefox does not normally accept installing unsigned extensions, so we cannot just do a manual install.
  • Option 1: wait until Mozilla approves the new version, and it is automatically updated in Firefox.
  • Option 2: you can install the new extension but only for the current session, going to about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox and “Load Temporary Add-on”, providing the downloaded 2024.6 extension from the Github mentioned. A Firefox restart will reload the 2024.4.2 extension though.

The new version is still not available - but it has been working for me again for 2 days now. I am permanently logged in. The whole thing is very strange.

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Oddly, for a few hours the other day, this problem manifested in Chrome, then disappeared. Perhaps Bitwarden has been playing around with some feature flags recently.

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…Five days later, shocking that Mozilla haven’t approved this yet.

The github issue has reports saying the 24.6.0 release doesn’t fix the issue, too, sigh. People installed the updated extension in dev mode to skip the firefox addon store.

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Still the old version (2024.4.2) in Firefox browser add-ons.

FF (127.0) now logged in for 3 days;
FF Dev (128.0b3) logged out again;

MacBook Air M1, macOS Sonoma 14.5

They found the issue and will be issuing a hotfix patch, assume 24.6.1.

Mmmmm …


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An update to version 2024.6.2 is now available.

Version size
11,04 MB
Last updated
12 hours ago (19 June 2024)

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I first saw this with Waterfox, switched to Firefox to test and can confirm. Just loaded the June 19 update, will report back if there are problems. Hopefully it’s safe to return to Waterfox. :stuck_out_tongue:

According to trmartin4 on this GitHub thread the issue is not fixed in 2024.6.2 but the fix should hopefully come in an update later this week


As of today, I had the reverse issue. I never had issues with being logged out, but after the most recent update, I now experience the reported problem. During a normal locking instance, I am signed out.

Bitwarden Browser Extension
Floorp Latest (Firefox)
Linux Mint

I’m having exactly the same problem for the past couple of months. I set a PIN and a timeout of 4 hours, with timeout action “lock”. Works for a while, then BW starts asking me for the master password, after timeout or after restart, and doesn’t even always remember my login email address.

I’m running the FF extension version 2024.6.2 now (in Firefox 127.0), and in the last few days not only does it still log me out, but now it clears my username field in the login page. Before, it was just the password field.
So it’s gotten worse.