Bitwarden Firefox extension keeps logging out

I’ve been having this issue a lot lately over the past week. My annual plan just renewed and thought it was somehow related to that, or some kind of outage. The status page lists “No issues” but clearly this is a known issue. Shame on BitWarden for not releasing any kind of official communication that this was a known issue.


Yet another +1 to having this issue.

I only use the Firefox extension, but this happens on both my Mac and on my Linux install. I don’t know if having both set up is somehow causing the problem, but it occurs on each usually within a few hours of having previously used the other.

This really only started doing this within the past few months.

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+1 for me, firefox on macOS and Linux impacted. Happening since about 2 weeks ago.

Seems to be master password required daily, master pass + 2fa every 2-3 days. The unlock with pin doesnt seem to persist past browser restarts

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Oof, I haven’t run into the 2FA being required too. Just the daily annoyance of being forced to enter my (very long) passphrase on a desktop kept at home that nobody else can access.

This is happening to me now too. Started maybe a week or so ago.

Firefox 126.0
BW addon 2024.4.2


It’s getting really annoying, and it’s a disgrace that Bitwarden doesn’t react.

Since it is only an error in connection with Firefox (Chrome and Opera work perfectly), it should be possible to find a solution in cooperation with Firefox.

However, communication from Bitwarden would be desirable. I would hate to have to look for an alternative.


Just an FYI, it seems that there has been an update to the browser extension for at least the 2 browsers I use (Chrome & Firefox). I had the same issue on Firefox for a few weeks and finally removed the extension and then added it back and logged back in and have not had the issue since.

Still experiencing this on Firefox, very frustrating getting logged out every day. Can we receive an update from the team?

BW needs some way to hotfix emergency changes or rollback when that isn’t possible. Communication wasn’t great on this issue, they actually deleted one of my critical posts here and did not respond when I asked why, and the bug took way too long to fix. Think it’s pretty clear we have upset customers here.

Anyway, it should hopefully be fixed next week. From the github issue:


Great. Thank you very much for this post and I look forward to the release of the fixed extension.

I’ve just had it happen again to me earlier, with 2FA required as well.

Thanks for the solid update.

Great stuff. This has been a problem for me for a month or more.

Very annoying having to log back on - logs off kinda randomly for me, a few times a day. Just Firefox (my fav browser :slight_smile: ).

Cheers, Duncan.

Thanks for the update, I can’t wait for it to be resolved. Its happened to me twice in the last 10 hours!

It seems to be working again. I have not been logged out on FF for 2 days now and on Firefox Dev for a day.

Working for me too - as off, well um, about “today” :slight_smile:

Firefox updated today, checking extensions, looks like May update still…
Last Updated
14 May 2024"

But for whatever reason, I’m all good today!

Cheers, Duncan.

Usually it logs you out, sometimes it doesn’t. Definitely not fixed until the patch.

On FF (126.0.1 (64-bit) still logged in, FF Dev (127.0b9 (64-bit) again a logout.

FF 127.0 (64-bit) and FF Dev 128.0b2 (64-bit) just downloaded - so won’t know for at least 24 hours if FF is still working and FF Dev is working again.

MacBook Air M1, macOS Sonoma 14.5

A fix for this whole issue seems to be released of today. At least in GitHub…

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Yes, should just be waiting on Mozilla to approve it now.