Bitwarden Firefox extension keeps logging out

Hi there,

Bitwarden (premium via Family, browser extension, firefox, with 2FA Webauthn) keeps logging out.

The icon becomes grey, I need to do the full login again, but email is remembered. Sometimes, the 2FA step is kept, sometimes not. It’s happening, like once a day, where it previously was once every 6 months or so.

This is annoying, and I can’t figure out if it’s a bug, or a consequence of a new feature that I haven’t understood.

Vault timeout action is set to Lock and not to Logout, of course.

Anyone has an idea what it is ?


Just to rule out the obvious: are you shutting down and restarting your browser during the day?

Nope (but even if I was, would it make it normal ? For years, it never did that, even if I closed by browser).

But no, I think it’s often when I take my laptop after a long break (like 6+hours), but it’s in sleep mode and firefox wasn’t restarted.

No you’re right, if your timeout action is set to lock it shouldn’t log you out on browser restart.

Hi @ewjoachim @grb the team has found something with Firefox that might be causing this behavior and a fix is planned.


@grb is it supposed to lock on browser restart even if you have Vault timeout set to Never?
Since there is an option “On browser restart”, it implies it won’t lock unless I actively select that option.

But it does lock everytime the browser is restarted, and occasionally it seems it locks even after simply idling for a while, but I guess that will be fixed by what @go12 mentioned.

@erikh Welcome to the forum!

No, it should not lock on restart if you set the timeout to “Never”.

Thank you!

Then I experience a bug :slightly_smiling_face: I hope it’s the same as mentioned above.

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I have exact same problem. Same account details. Logs out of firefox extension without even closing browser. No time out. Not giving option for biometric login. Very annoying

I uninstalled extension and re installed. Updated firefox to latest version. Double checked settings are set on the ones I’ve used previously. Same problem.

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I’ve had the same problem for some weeks now

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Yeah, I’ve also had the same issue for weeks or 1-2 months now. Really looking forward to the fix.

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This is incredibly annoying. Can we get an update @go12 ?

Any ETA for the fix as its really quite annoying it must have happened to me about 4 times in the last two weeks?

In the meantime do you know what the trigger is for it happening, is it something that I can avoid doing?

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Also happening over here, almost 5 times in the past weeks. @go12 please let us know when the fix is out :heart:

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It’s only just started happening for me. I did notice a Firefox update was installed the other day, I presume I’m now affected by this bug.

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Started fairly recently for me also.

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This also started for me a few weeks back. Getting logged out of BW several times a day.
FF version 125.0.3 (64-bit)
Ubuntu 22.04.04
Bitwarden version 2024.4.2, Server Version 2024.5.0

@go12 Do you have an ETA on a fix? Been broken for a month now, should we start looking at alternative password managers?