Bitwarden Desktop - launch minimized option

I’ve spent a while making startup scripts for most of my flatpak apps to run on login but to hide to tray. Discord flatpak has a --hide-minimized launch flag, I’d like it if Bitwarden also has a similar option.
In the same vein, It’d be nice if there was a toggle in the settings to do this. Lastly If another option to close bitwarden to the tray instead of exiting out of the app entirely. Many of my programs do this and it’s become habit and is a pain to remember to minimize it in order to keep the tray icon alive, what’s the point of the tray icon when the window is still open?
Just a few gripes but they’re QOL features

Welcome @kenryo! Thanks for the feedback!

I second minimising to the “tray”

I’m on macos and the way I use most other apps that I want open in the background is to close them with the red x, and then I expect them to leave my dock (unless manually docked) and hide away near the clock

I keep accidentally exiting bitwarden, or I have to have it appear with all my other minimised apps in the dock and it just isn’t as “swish”

I also keep closing Bitwarden by accident. All other apps that live in the system tray also close to the system tray, it’s really hard to remember that Bitwarden is different.

Speaking for myself, I hate it when apps refuse to close when I press the “close” button. I don’t find any advantage to having two different places an app can minimize to (taskbar and tray). I dislike not having a close button when I actually want to close the app. Also, I find it very misleading to have separate “close” and “minimize” buttons when both actually minimize.

Most of the apps that do this aren’t doing it for users’ convenience, either. Discord doesn’t have a close button because it wants to be running all the time so it can spy on you all the time. Bitwarden doesn’t spy on you, so the developers don’t get an advantage by making it harder to close unless it actually benefits users.

I’m not against a minimize-to-tray option being added for people who want it, as long as it is easy to disable in settings for those of us who never want anything minimized to the tray.

The options are there now actually :slight_smile:

Everything is optional, for those who prefer a specific behavior.