Linux: Minimize to tray/menu-bar

Minimize to tray/menu-bar in Linux

Feature function

  • I want to be able to close the app window (not just minimize) but have the app run in the background with the tray icon visible so that I can easily open the app back up.
    • There is an option to “Enable Tray Icon”, but even when that’s checked, closing the Bitwarden window closes the entire app (tray icon goes away, too). This makes the tray icon effectively useless because it can’t be visible unless the app is also in the task-bar/app window is open.
    • It sounds like this is already a feature in the Windows app (and possibly macOS), but I’m not sure because I only use Bitwarden in Linux.

If this is a duplicate request, please let me know so that I can vote for the original topic. I searched for this feature, but the only requests I found were for additional functionality in the macOS menubar.