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How do I enable dark mode for this community website in Safari?

I’ve tried clicking on the icon near bottom left hand corner of screen (which looks like a dark mode icon), but nothing happens.

Dark mode is more than just aesthetic: it’s an important accessibility feature, in particular for those with light sensitivity (photophobia) or visual impairment.

From what I can tell it’s non-functional. Firefox on Android and Ubuntu don’t recognize it.

In the scheme of things, I really don’t care. Much more interested in the content here which is outstanding.

Thanks for the feedback, the toggle works on my end, you may have to tweak your user preference settings for the toggle to work, let me know, I’ll dig into this one with the Discourse team.

You can also use a browser extension like “DarkReader”. Haven’t tried the Safari version of it, but it does exist.

I looked in my user preferences panel; however I could not see the Color Scheme switch that you included in your screenshot.

Thanks @Sizzle6397 I’ll do some digging with the Discourse team.

Please ignore my last message, as I’ve now found the setting in my preferences and have activated dark mode. I would emphasis, however, that the setting is buried quite deep and many people could miss it.

Thanks @Sizzle6397 just to confirm, does the toggle in the sidebar work for you now.

@bw-admin Yes, now that I’ve updated my user preferences, the dark mode toggle in the bottom left hand corner works for me when I view the site in Safari on a Mac (I’ve not tested any other browsers).

Hey all, I’ve made some tweaks, should fix the issue, let me know if anyone else runs into this one :+1:

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Following up here at @bw-admin’s invitation rather than start a new thread.

Dark theme works on the many other Discourse sites, but not here.

I am a new user of this forum running up-to-date Chrome who has

  • saved,
  • logged out and in,
  • cleared stored data,
  • tested in Incognito,
  • tested in a different browser (Firefox), and
  • changed my name, moved to another country, purchased a new computer, installed a new OS and cleared my cookies*.

*[While that not true and my expectations of this community exceed those for many other sites, I never want to be asked about cleared cookies ever again.]

Have you tried changing the “Color Scheme” settings?

I had not, but now I have. The results are positive insofar as I now have a dark theme, so thank you, but the theme settings are either completely broken or deeply confused in a way which I have not seen in any of many other Discourse deployments.


Choices are Dark and Default which is a Light theme and which would make more sense to simple call Light.

It appears that this setting does nothing. Since the Theme is what is expected to be changed between (at least) Light and Dark, this should be fixed to switch themes.

Color Scheme

How “Color Scheme” might differ from Theme, which usually involves choices which include different colours, is far from clear.

Two settings named Regular and Dark mode. What is regular versus irregular is anyone’s guess, as is how that relates to colour. How the “Regular” setting is independent of “Dark mode” is similarly unclear.

The Regular drop-down provides the choice of Bitwarden Light and Simple Dark. How “Bitwarden Light” might differ from any other light or regular or default or is as opaque as how “Simple Dark” might differ from complex dark or any other dark.
The addition options of “Same as regular” and “Simple dark” under “Dark mode” add a dimension of confusion which could compete at the confusion Olympics.

Selecting Color Scheme Regular Simple Dark switches to a dark theme. Switching back to Color Scheme Regular Bitwarden Light switches back to a light mode. Setting Dark mode to Simple Dark with Regular Bitwarden Light also switches to the same dark theme, as does setting Regular to Simple Dark and Dark mode to Simple Dark.

If this is Bitwarden’s way of testing their Discourse users, then I appear to have failed badly, else…

Bitwarden’s deployment of Discourse for their Community Forum is a bit “temperamental”. The previous Forum Admin (@dwbit, using the handle @bw-admin in the exchanges above) used to occasionally tinker with the back-end configuration, and enabled the dark mode support in December 2022; at the time, this was implemented via a toggle at the bottom of the left sidebar.

However, they left in Bitwarden in September 2023, and the @bw-admin handle is now staffed by @sj-bitwarden, a Technical Training Manager at Bitwarden, who is also serving as the new Forum Admin. I don’t know to what extent @sj-bitwarden has delved into the technical aspects of back-end configuration of the Discourse platform since taking on this new role, so we’ll have to see if any improvements can be made to the forum experience.

Thanks for sharing the feedback and for calling this to my attention @grb and @AJCxZ0! I know the previous forum manager implemented the theme initially (and this is the first I’ve heard of it not being a “standard” implementation) so I will add this to my to-do list to review in the near future. :+1:

Thank you.

Since unsolicited advice and feature requests from the mostly ignorant is always welcome, I suggest a single choice of Discourse themes including a

  1. not-too-bright light,
  2. not-too-dark dark,
  3. high contrast light for the visually impaired, and
  4. OLED-pure dark

would likely satisfy all the people all the time, or at least the important people.

You may also consider recruiting Discourse expertise from your user base and giving them appropriate privileges (and identification) to assist so that the work doesn’t all end up being your twenty-third priority job and no-one else’s… until it’s the next person’s job to pick up the pieces.