Question about saving web-vault settings


Hi all. I joined this forum to ask this question. When I save my preferences (Account Settings > Preferences), I always change three things:

  1. Vault timeout (set to 4 hours)
  2. Display full width layout (check box)
  3. Theme (Dark)

Then I save it. However, I have to change this every time I login. I read somewhere that it’s because these settings are not stored on the server. I’m not quite clear on why though. This seems like something that should be. Can anyone explain?

I’m on Windows 10 (current version) and Firefox (current version).


Hello @SonOfJacob and welcome to the community,

I went ahead and split your post from the previous post as this was regarding dark mode support that was added to these community forums.

From what I can tell it appears you are having difficulty with dark mode, and other settings being retained within the web-vault, so I split your post into a separate topic so it may get more attention specific to your issue.

You are correct though there are some settings that are not retained in the web-vault between Login, though this should remain if you simply Unlock the web-vault.
Otherwise, you may try to change the Theme to Default (System) if you use a dark mode across your machine as this will default the web-vault for you.

Thanks for splitting it out. Wasn’t sure if I should post a new thread or not.

So is this a feature request, then? Because the term “Preferences” under “Settings” indicates that I would only ever have to change it once and wherever I log in those changes would be reflected.

Not trying to start a war or anything, but that seems like something that would go in a feature request. If I can submit it, let me know if you have a ticket process. Or, if this isn’t something on your planned roadmap (perhaps been requested before and rejected), then I would ask why this isn’t. I’m trying to understand how a QoL like this doesn’t make it into the mix.

From what I was able to find, based upon a previous posting from another member here it seems that these Preferences should actually be retained. Though some settings are universal, and others (such as Vault timeout and Vault timeout action) are configurable per client.
I was not able to find a current feature request related to retaining or saving these preferences/settings across clients, but you can feel free to look as well or create your own.

From what I was able to test though, it appears several of the Preferences you listed do in fact seem to be retained such as Vault timeout being set to 4 hours, and Theme being set to Dark (I should have realized this as mine is retained at Use system theme, but I rarely use the web-vault)

The one issue I noticed was that in Preferences Display full width layout remained :ballot_box_with_check: checked, but did not display as such as defaulted to the standard view. I had to :black_square_button: uncheck the option, Save, and then enable and save again.

I would say this appears to be a bug, and actually found a related GitHub issue.

If you are having issues with these Preferences being saved during Logout do you know if your browser settings or any extension automatically clears cookies and cached data for sites?
Hopefully this info helps :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. as an aside, I just wanted to also note that though I am a Community Leader in the forums here, I am merely another end user of the product and not a Bitwarden employee or staff member.