Bitwarden Android Beta does not provide autofill

Same here on Android 14 with BRAVE + GBOARD. I tried as many browsers and keyboard combinations as I can and none did resolve the issue.

I found that every time I kill Bitwarden, it works again until the vault is unlocked.

Does not work with SwiftKey. Not useable in the current state.

Same issue here with Android 11 and Gboard.

Yeah I am noticing this as well. It’s really not consistent at all. I’ll wait for an autofill prompt and nothing will happen, I’ll then go to recents and Kill BW, then the Bitwarden Vault unlock prompt will appear in the keyboard, which lets me autofill.

Sometimes BW isn’t in recents, so I have to open it, kill it, then I’ll get the autofill prompt.

Hey, the issue is still present on 2024.7.0-beta (18845). Tested on multiple sites such as Autofill works in some apps though.


versionCode 143544274

targetSdk 34
minSdk 23

Hi All, we have a fix for Gboard included in the latest beta release, which should be available in the google play store. We are continuing to work on autofill issues related to Samsung keyboard.

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Tested and it seems that Bitwarden still doesn’t work with Gboard

Can you confirm the version of the app you have installed, and perhaps provide some details around the behavior you are expecting to see vs what you are actually seeing? Thanks!

Installed latest available beta from Play store - issue stil exists - no bitwarden on gboard.

Version: 2024.7.1

The autofill chip in Gboard only appears once, right after I force stop the Bitwarden app, when I tap on a login input. The Xamarin app in the same case, can pop up the autofill chip without a force kill

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Can you also include the build number? Based on the version number you gave, it doesn’t look like you’re using the version distributed through the play store. The version available in the play store is 2024.7.0 (18845)

Version 2024.7.1 (18850). Downloaded from GitHub Actions.

I also tried 2024.7.0 in Release 2024.7.0-beta (18845) · bitwarden/android · GitHub with the same results.

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Hi All,

Thank you for the continued reports of this issue. On behalf of Bitwarden and all the Bitwarden users who are eagerly awaiting new apps but don’t want to mess around with a beta, your testing is really appreciated.

To help our development team nail down this issue related to autofill, it would be helpful if you provided additional details about the issue you experience. Specifically:

  • Device Make & Model
  • OS Version
  • App Version Code (integer value)
  • Using Inline or Default Overlay
  • The specific keyboard you are using (mainly for inline)
  • Type of data being filled (Card vs. Login)
  • Website(s) or App(s) where you noticed the issue
  • Any reproduction steps or other information, more is always better
  • If comparing to non-beta app autofill, what settings are used? For example, is accessibility autofill enabled?
  • Optionally a video of the issue (assuming no private info is revealed) can be extremely useful in understanding the problem

And if you don’t feel comfortable providing any of those details publicly, please DM me!