Bitwarden Android Beta does not provide autofill

I installed the test version for a while.
The Beta version of the application no longer provides an accessibility service - autofill does not work. Login options do not appear on the Gboard bar.

Samsung A55 (SM-A556B)
Android 14

I already rollback to stable version (non beta program)


Same on Android 15 Beta 3 (pixel 6 pro)

auto-fill settings in android settings are changed to bitwarden beta

Bitwarden should be in two places password manager provider and accessibility service. Here it is STABLE version:

Also having problems with autofill - it does sometimes work, but it’s very difficult to make it prompt either in-app or in browser using gboard.

Stable version isn’t perfect for autofill either, but I can usually get around that by just opening my vault via a quick tile - but they’re not implemented in this beta, either :sweat_smile:

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I can confirm the same, autofill doesn’t pop up in the text field when typing the login credentials or it doesn’t even show up in line the Gboard app when trying to enter the password

In short, AUTOFILL DOESNT WORK in the latest Native beta

@bw-admin your help is needed in resolving this bug, Cannot use the password manager without autofill

Same issue on my end.
App isnt really usable without that feature.

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I am experienceing the same issue on the s24 ultra with oneui 6.1

I have similar problem with autofill:
Samsung, latest OneUi 6.1, Vivaldi browser. Example site: Strona Główna - Student WWSI
Bitwarden app with accessibility turned off is working (inline mode gboard)
Native beta app do not show any items on my keyboard

Accessibility is only required if you are using legacy auto-fill. For modern inline auto-fill it should be enough to set Bitwarden as Autofill service under Passwords & accounts.

Hi all, thank you for the reports! The team is looking into this.
Our testing did not include the Gboard keyboard, which seems like a common culprit among the reports here. If you are having issues with Android autofill and are not using Gboard, please let us know about it and what your setup is.


Without Accessibility service bitwarden does not show up on gboard when I using Chrome.
In other words: accessibility service is required.

Accessibility service DISABLED:

Accessibility service ENABLED:

Samsung Keyboard seems to have the same issue.
Autofill is not showing up. OneUi 6.1 (android 14) and s24u

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Auto-fill is also barely working for me in the beta version. So far, I noticed the following peculiarities with it:

  • It detects and fills only the password fields, login fields are completely ignored and not filled.

  • Even the password fields are detected unreliably. The chances are approximately 50/50 whether or not auto-fill will be triggered on a particular page (it’s noticably worse than the stable version).


  • Bitwarden Version: 2024.6.1 (11139)
  • Pixel 3a
  • Android 12L
  • Gboard

It doesn’t work with the Fcifx5 keyboard, either. The old app does.

Using SwiftKey keyboard and auto fill is not displayed.

Which keyboard(s) did the team test with? I’d be happy to swap mine out to see if it is in fact a keyboard thing or something else.

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Same issue with SwiftKey keyboard.

Samsung Keyboard, S24plus, 6.1, June1 security, May 1 Google play

I am using the samsung keyboard and not gboard.

BW team puts the blame on GBOARD lol. I tried multiple keyboards and using any of them Autofill doesnt work on the beta native app. I am curious to learn which keyboard did the BW team test as I have even tried the XIAOMI keyboard